5 things every family should try this month, including an inflatable booster seat | Momaha.com

KeepHealthCare.ORG – 5 things every family should try this month, including an inflatable booster seat | Momaha.com

The Momaha Magazine is always trying new products — and we want to share what we’ve discovered with you, our readers.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift — or a way to make your life easier while on the move — check out our ideas.

1. BubbleBum booster seat. Upon seeing the packaging, mom was worried about using an inflatable booster seat. But the model from BubbleBum was easy to assemble and take apart. And it proved sturdy and safe for her 4-year-old. An added bonus: It stored nicely in its own bag that can be kept in a trunk or a purse for use on demand — especially if you’re traveling and don’t have a car of your own. And what did the passenger think? He thought it was cool watching mom inflate the booster seat and said it was really comfortable. He felt like such a big kid. Win-win! $29.99. https://www.bubblebum.co/us/

2. Travel and Play Tent. The bbluv Nido 2-in-1 Travel and Play Tent is great for outside activities, our mom of two says. Her baby is able to get tummy time while being protected from the sun and mosquitoes while she plays outside with her toddler. The tent folds up easily and doesn’t take up much vehicle space, making it great for travel use. The only drawback, she said, was the thickness of the pad. She needed to add a blanket for more comfort. $79.99, http://bbluvgroup.com/

3. FLPSDE water bottle. This innovative water bottle, with its two independent chambers, works well for pet owners, athletes and travelers. The 22-ounce outer chamber is great for water or sports drinks while the 8-ounce inner chamber is perfect for storing snacks or a pet treat or car keys and cash. The BPA-free product is a sustainable alternative to plastics, and better yet, FLPSDE comes from a husband-and-wife team in Elkhorn. $19.99, flpsde.com

4. Woofie pet selfie and portrait tool. Pets make travel fun, and who doesn’t want a photo of their puppy cavorting on the beach? The Woofie, a pet selfie and portrait tool, makes it easier to get the shot because it holds Sparky’s favorite treat on your phone, capturing your pet’s attention. $9.50. modelcitizenpet.com

5. SeatSitters seat cover. Studies show airplane germs can live awhile, and cold and flu season is the worst. Instead of worrying about what you might catch, try SeatSitters, an easy-on reusable, machine-washable seat cover. The set also includes a disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and an allergy mask. The cover will work on a movie theater seat, too. There’s even a his-and-hers package for newlyweds. $14.99. seatsitters.com

This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue of the Momaha Magazine.

Source: https://www.omaha.com/momaha/things-every-family-should-try-this-month-including-an-inflatable/article_5f074c2e-ce84-5abf-8af8-a0bc24b2f4f7.html

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