Childhood pals reunite to set up Fareham curry business

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Childhood pals reunite to set up Fareham curry business

TWO lifelong friends who met while they were children living in India have reunited to start a business in Fareham. 

The pair, who also spent years working in London as chefs, have branched out on their own with their venture, Tiffins and Thalis in West Street, Fareham.

Vinay Sukhdeve and Agilan Chandran grew up together in Bombay and their careers have taken them around the world. They have worked at The Taj Mahal Hotel chain, Masala Zone Covent Garden London, Boutique Luxury Hotel in the Caribbean and P&O Cruise Liners, to name just a few.

Their impressive portfolio of gastronomic establishments saw them get back in touch whilst working at the Masala Zone restaurant in London.

 After a decade in London, they decided to break out on their own and now they are proud owners and chefs at their own restaurant, Tiffins and Thalis.

Vinay said: ‘Our vision and concept is to offer customers dishes that we would cook at home in India – the true Indian cuisine, with fresh ingredients and whole spices, ground in our kitchen that burst with flavour in your mouth and give our dishes the authentic taste of India.’

Agilan said they have taken on local people and they are keen to support newcomers to the catering industry.

 He said: ‘Seventy per cent of our staff here are in their first ever job. We want to train them and share our knowledge, expertise and experience with them and give something back to the industry and community we work and live in.’ 

The restaurant opened in January. Lawrence Lee, the restaurant manager, said it’s been a ‘whirlwind’.

He said: ‘Feedback has been really great, and our staff are really coming together now too, gaining in confidence and experience and knowledge about the food we serve.

 ‘There are some very exciting times ahead and I’m glad to be a part of it.’  


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