Corpus Christi teen goes viral after keeping childhood promise to take mom to prom

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Corpus Christi teen goes viral after keeping childhood promise to take mom to prom

(Photos courtesy of Joe Angel)


The internet is falling in love with a Texas teen who took his mom to prom and why he decided to take her.

According to KRIS-TV, Joe Angel, a senior at Collegiate High School, said he promised to take his mother Vanessa to prom when he was in middle school because he knew she had missed out on hers. Vanessa told KRIS that she had gotten pregnant at a young age and knew that living the normal teen life was no longer an option.

“It was a sacrifice that I had made. My sacrifice was to give my children my all. I put everything into him. I push them to become everything they can,” Vanessa told the news station, speaking of her son Joe and his siblings. “It was something I felt I had to sacrifice so that I could work and give to my child without anyone else helping me.”

She assumed that by the time her son’s senior year came around that he would not want to still take her as his date, but when prom week came, he was still determined to take her.

She said she felt like a teen again as she shopped for a dress. Joe even picked her up with a corsage in his hand. The two had a blast while dancing the night away.

Joe later posted their photos to Twitter and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. His tweet now has more than 26,000 retweets. The two were surprised that so many were touched by their story, but Vanessa said it is nice to be recognized for the sacrifices she made as a mother.

“Sometimes people don’t know the sacrifices us mothers make. We just hope that it does get seen, and I am so glad my son did see my sacrifice and wanted to give back. It meant the world to me,” she told KRIS.


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