Dengue Return To Haunt Kerala After Nipah Virus

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Dengue Return To Haunt Kerala After Nipah Virus

Even as the Nipah virus outbreak is contained in Kerala and public health authorities heaved a sigh of relief, sporadic cases of dengue outbreak have been reported in Kozhikode district with the onset of summer rains.

According to sources, out of the 180 suspected fever cases, 14 cases have been confirmed of dengue and three cases of Japanese Encephalitis including one death since June 1.

The state public health department is gearing up to meet the new challenges of the dengue outbreak, even as Nipah virus outbreak has claimed a few lives in the past month or so.

According to Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, fresh cases of mosquito-borne dengue have been reported from the hilly areas including Puthuppaddy since the rains lashed the district in the past week or so.

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Over 50 suspected dengue cases were reported on June 11 alone and 20 cases on June 12, thus posing a new public health hazard to the Nipah –rattled coastal state.

It may be recalled that the mosquito-borne dengue virus played havoc among the general population and claimed a heavy toll of human lives during 2017 flu season

District medical officer Jayashree said that the department has been undertaking various measures to contain the outbreak under Arogya Jagratha programme.

In the meanwhile five cases of Malaria have also been reported since the spell of rains were reported.

It may be recalled that the public health scenario had to face huge challenges last year as the severity of H1N1 dengue outbreaks had claimed many lives.

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While a total of 74 people succumbed to H1N1 (Swine flu) another 23 people died of dengue by August 2017.

As per the Kerala Government figures over 22 lakh people were affected with the fever-related illness out of which 420 people succumbed in the year 2017.

The Kerala Government has launched district wise Arogya Jagratha programme to ensure clean living spaces for migrant laborers, and to eradicate mosquito breeding in rubber plantations by keeping the cups upside down.

Ward level public health monitoring bodies called health armies have been formed to implement anti-mosquito breeding and sanitation measures in the state.

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