Doctor on mission for mental health issues visits Nashua

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Doctor on mission for mental health issues visits Nashua

A doctor from Wisconsin is on a mission to run a 5k in 50 states in 50 days to spread awareness about mental health issues.

Dr. Adel Korkor made his 40th stop at Mine Falls Park in Nashua Wednesday evening, and said he hopes his cross-country journey could save a life.

“One in every five Americans suffer from depression,” Dr. Korkor said. “The rate of suicide is rising, even in this state.”

Since Korkor started in Hawaii on May 5, he has run about 130 miles. He said this personal journey has been therapeutic.

“I had a panic attack 25 years ago and I resorted to taking up running more competitively, and it helped me a great deal,” he said.

Dr. Korkor isn’t running alone. As in other states, people joined him in Nashua tonight and for many of them, this is personal.

“It’s great to bring attention to it because I feel like it is something that’s overlooked,” said Melissa Flynn of Manchester. “It’s not something that people think about.”

Following the high-profile suicides of designer Kate Spade and television host and chef Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Korkor said awareness is needed more than ever.

“Remember that you’re not alone. You are on this journey with many, many others who suffer the same and have the same difficulties you do. Don’t despair,” he said.

Dr. Korkor will go to Colchester, Vermont on Thursday. He’ll end his mission on June 23 in his home state of Wisconsin.


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