Early Childhood NZ says Budget 2018 a small step

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Thursday, 17 May 2018, 4:13 pm
Press Release: Early Childhood New Zealand

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand says Budget 2018
a small step in the right direction

17 May 2018

Budget 2018 is a small step in the right direction for
early childhood education, says Te Rito Maioha Chief
Executive, Kathy Wolfe.

‘On behalf of the early
childhood education sector, we thank the government for
increased funding of $21.537m for early intervention
services,’ says Ms Wolfe.

‘We are pleased by the
significant increase of $130m to address the impact of
growing demand for early childhood education.

funding is still not comparable to the 2008 per child rate,
the 1.6% funding increase for centre-based ECE services and
ngā kōhanga reo is welcome.’

Ms Wolfe says Te Rito
Maioha is disappointed that the Budget does nothing to
address the severe shortage of qualified early childhood
education teachers.

‘These increases will also not
address the other challenges the early childhood education
sector is facing now, such as the number of qualified
teachers services can afford to employ, teacher to child
ratios, group sizes, and teacher pay and conditions.

‘However, we hope that the outcomes of the Early
Learning Strategic Plan, Workforce Strategy, Home-based
Review, and other education reviews will ensure that Budget
2019 delivers something much more substantial for the early
childhood education sector.’

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