Flu cases nearly double from last season, vaccination numbers

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Flu cases nearly double from last season, vaccination numbers

ND – The North Dakota Department of Health’s influenza report is now showing a slight decline of flu cases.

The report from the Department of Health states that peak week for the flu was the third week of January.

But last year, peak week was actually right now.

“We’ve had some patients that have already had the flu vaccine that still get influenza,” Dr. Abby Harris said.

With about 36-percent effectiveness this flu season, that’s been the case for many.

But Dr. Harris said it can still help lessen the severity of the flu, and that it’s not too late to get a flu shot.

“Sometimes the flu can last until May,” Harris said, “so I would still recommend that for people who haven’t gotten their flu vaccines that they present to a clinic that they can still get the flu vaccine.”

More than 6,000 cases of the flu were reported in North Dakota this season.

About half of that was reported last flu season.

Still, with such an increase, the number of flu vaccines administered only went up by seven percent in our state.

If you do experience flu symptoms like cough, fever, or congestion, Harris suggests seeing a medical provider as soon as possible.

“The way the flu is spread is by droplets,” Dr. Harris explained.

“So if patients are coughing or sneezing or wiping their nose and touching objects, the more the droplets can go through the air and can land on other people.”

Flu season can stretch from October to May – that’s an eight month risk of catching the virus.

Anti-viral prescriptions can help, but need to be started within the first three days of symptoms.


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