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Glencoe Regional Health Services has recently installed a new mammography exam system that uses digital breast tomosynthesis technology to produce three-dimensional breast images.In the FDA-approved DBT technique, multiple X-rays are reconstructed to create a 3-D view. This allows the radiologist who reads the exam to look at very thin sections of tissue individually and more easily find small cancers that might have been obscured by nearby normal tissue in a standard two-dimensional mammogram.While traditional two-dimensional mammography remains one of the most advanced tools available for detecting breast abnormalities, studies have shown that 3-D mammography detects 20 to 65 percent more invasive breast cancers and reduces number of patients who are called back for additional breast cancer screening exams by up to 40 percent when compared to 2-D mammography alone.The 3-D mammogram is particularly beneficial for women with dense breasts because fine details are more visible.It takes an additional four seconds to obtain each view in a 3-D exam when compared to a 2-D exam, but the total procedure time for both techniques is about 20 minutes.“There really is no difference between a 2-D and 3-D mammography exam in terms of in the length of the exam or the patient’s experience,” said Heather Ott, director of medical imaging. “The key difference is in the results of the exam: increased detection of invasive breast cancers, a superior exam for women with dense breasts and fewer follow-up mammograms for patients.”Medicare and many major insurance companies cover 3-D mammography exams. However, because 3-D mammograms are not yet considered the standard of care for breast cancer screening, not all insurance companies provide coverage. Patients should check with their insurance company prior to their appointment to learn whether 3-D mammogram will be covered by their plan.To schedule an appointment for a mammogram, call 320-864-7080. To learn more about mammography options at GRHS, visit


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