Government supports Alberta’s early childhood educators with grant funding

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Government supports Alberta’s early childhood educators with grant funding

The Alberta government has pledged new financial support for early childhood educators in the province, calling them a crucial piece in the development of children in many working families.

Status of Women Minister Stephanie McLean made the announcement at the annual conference of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta in Calgary on Saturday morning.

She said that the profession, 97 percent of which is made up of women, needs to have government support to ensure that they are being treated and paid fairly for the work that they do.

To that end, McLean announced that her ministry would be giving a $50,000 grant to the group so that they can visit ECE centres throughout the province, including many in remote communities, to listen to their challenges in the hopes of better supporting those positions.

“These families, including mine, know that early learning in child care isn’t babysitting, it’s not a place to drop off your kid, rather, like the doctors and nurses who keep our children healthy, and like the teachers who prepare them to follow their dreams, you and the early childhood educators across the province play a critical role in laying and building the support that children need.”

McLean says that it’s vital to parents that they know that the staff they leave their children with while they go to work have their best interests at heart.

“As moms and dads it’s really important when you take your child to that early childhood educator to know and feel that you can trust that person not only with the health and well-being of that child but also that they are going to help in the development of that child’s mind.”

Earlier this week, Premier Notley announced 6,000 more $25 per day child care spaces across the province, a move that will create 450 new early childhood educator positions.

“We expect it will allow 1,400 more parents, especially moms, to join or re-enter the workforce because they have child care that they can finally afford,” McLean said.

There are now 7,300 affordable child care spaces in Alberta.


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