Half of Canadians Have Experienced Mental Health Problems: Survey

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Half of Canadians Have Experienced Mental Health Problems: Survey

A new national survey conducted by Sun Life Financial found that half of all Canadians have experienced a mental health issue in their lives and that nearly all families have been touched in one way or another by mental illness.

President of the Provincial Association of Psychologists, Dr. Janine Hubbard says depression and anxiety were among the main illnesses reported. She says younger people reported far higher rates than other age groups.

Two thirds of millennials reported mental health symptoms, while among baby boomers the number was closer to 40 percent.

Hubbard says that leads to further questions. For example, it’s not clear whether there are higher rates in that population, or whether younger generations are more open to discussing mental health issues.

The survey shows that people are less likely to report mental health issues with their employer than they are a physical ailment. While half of respondents were comfortable reporting to their employer about physical health issues, only a quarter were comfortable disclosing mental health issues, and among millennials that number was even lower.

Hubbard says that suggests while younger people are reporting the highest numbers, they’re disclosing it the least.


Source: http://vocm.com/news/half-of-canadians-have-experienced-mental-health-problems-survey/

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