Health professionals meet for annual conference

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Health professionals meet for annual conference

DANIELS, WV (WV) – Public and environmental health professionals from across the regional gathered for an annual seminar.

The 72nd Annual Interstate Environmental Health Seminar kicked-off at the Resort at Glade Springs.

For three days, people from eight different states will be discussing various topics that involve the health issues the region is currently facing, including the recent Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C outbreaks. 

Bill Nestor, the state representative for the seminar, said this conference allows those on the front lines of these issues to come up with solutions and learn from each other.

“Every different region has different problems at some point. Other People who might have had those problems in the past can maybe give some information, and shed light on different ways they can help remedy those problems for the people that have those issues currently,” Nestor said.

Governor Jim Justice gave the opening remarks and thanked those in attendance for all of the work they do. 

The seminar will stay in session until Friday, July 13. 


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