Illegal dumping of kitchen grease found on Lapis Road

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Illegal dumping of kitchen grease found on Lapis Road

Marina >> The Monterey County Health Department reported that an Environmental Health Bureau team found a pair of 55-gallon drums on Lapis Road in Marina on Thursday with what appeared to be kitchen grease.

Maria Ferdin, supervisor of solid waste services at the Monterey County Health Department said the drums did not have lids and appeared to have been scraped to conceal identification.

“What we think happened was that they were just simply dumped over the side of whatever vehicle that was being used and tipped over onto the road and whatever material was in it simply spilled onto the road,” said Ferdin.

Ferdin said that the Public Works and Facilities crew estimated a total of 80 gallons of kitchen grease was dumped and could deduce what the material was by the viscosity and smell. The spill was cleaned up by Friday and Ferdin said there was no significant environmental damage.

“Luckily in the area there’s soil and it’s away from any kind of waterway,” Ferdin said.

It’s the fourth time kitchen grease has been reportedly dumped with the most recent incident happening in January, which was about the same time the Health Department was trying to manage people living out of vehicles by illegally camping on Lapis Road.

“My understanding is that part of the reason why we know that this is the fourth time is that the people who actually were living on Lapis Road, some of them were actual witnesses to the events,” Ferdin said. “It happened very, very late or early in the morning and it happened very quickly. And the people who were responsible sped off.”

The Health Department is still investigating the incident and is asking the public for assistance to identify the vehicle or individuals responsible for the illegal dumping of the kitchen grease. Anyone with information should contact the Monterey County Health Department at 831-755-4505 or you can report information online at

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