LIBERTY Dental Plan Empowering Underserved Students to Beat Most Common Chronic Childhood Disease

KeepHealthCare.ORG – LIBERTY Dental Plan Empowering Underserved Students to Beat Most Common Chronic Childhood Disease

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pediatric dental caries are the most common chronic childhood disease
and LIBERTY Dental Plan is teaching students how to beat it. LIBERTY
Dental Plan is sponsoring two assemblies at Leatata Floyd Elementary
School, 401 McClatchy Way, Sacramento, on Friday, February 16th,
starting at 9:45am. In honor of National Children’s Oral Health Month,
the assemblies will include an empowerment chat with Supervisor Phil
Serna on how children can be leaders in their home by establishing
quick, easy & fun oral health routines for themselves & their family
members. They will be taught how dental disease is 100% preventable &
how to prevent it. Select students will show off their “dancing while we
brush” skills and might even convince Supervisor Serna to join in! After
which, the students will participate in a puppet theater all about the
Sugar Bugs that hide in teeth.

With the Dental Transformation Initiative having three pilot programs in
Sacramento County and the exciting success of the school-based screening
program, Early Smiles Sacramento, there is a positive momentum for
successful oral health outcomes in the state’s only mandatory dental
managed care county during a time when pediatric dental disease is at a
high across the country. Please direct any questions or inquiries to
Danielle Cannarozzi at (949) 533-0565.

About LIBERTY Dental Plan:

LIBERTY has been proudly administering the full scope of dental benefit
services, over the last sixteen years, to its members, contracted
providers and clients including several Fortune 500 plan partners and
companies, Labor and Trust organizations, government agencies and
private individuals. Founded by dentist Amir Neshat, the company prides
itself on providing the same level of quality benefits that private pay
members receive to its government-sponsored, underserved members. To
accomplish this mission, Dr. Neshat has assembled a leadership team with
over 200 years of combined experience in the dental industry. LIBERTY
operates and lives by the slogan “Helping Members Shine – One Smile at a
Time.” Its philosophy is simple and has remained the same since its
inception and that is to be committed to placing its members in the
continuum of oral health care and ensuring that they receive quality,
innovative and efficient dental benefits.

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