Marshall County teachers say friendship helped them achieve National Board Certification

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Marshall County teachers say friendship helped them achieve National Board Certification

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MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Shawna Zervos is a Pre-K teacher at McNinch Elementary School and has been teaching in Marshall County Schools for 25 years. 

When she was assigned to mentor a new Pre-K teacher in the county, she had no idea just how close they would become. 

Nicole Majewski was that new hire. 

Although she was new, Zervos says Majewski had a lot to offer her students and even her mentor. 

“Although I was assigned to go once a week and kind of give her some ideas or some suggestions, it totally came the other way. I wanted to go to her classroom so that I could take what she was doing back to my room,” said Zervos. 

Through the mentorship, a friendship was born, and when there was an opening at McNinch Elementary, Zervos asked Majewski to apply. 

Majewski got the position, putting them in the same building, which was the perfect set-up for when they both decided to pursue their National Board Certification in Early Childhood Literacy. 

Over an exhausting four years, Zervos and Majewski worked together to ultimately improve their craft and benefit their students. 

“The National Board process is nearly overwhelming at times, so if nothing else it was good in the morning when you’re coming through and putting your lunch box in to say, ‘What did you get accomplished last night? What did your mentor say?’ You could collaborate and share ideas even if it was just a short period of time,” said Zervos. 

Now among the first group of teachers to be National Board Certified in Early Childhood Literacy in the state, they still rely on each other and their friendship to continuously improve.

They both say it was a blessing to have each other to lean on during the certification process and that they will never forget the mentorship where it all began. 

“She was able to really teach me by observing what I did. I could carry that teaching practice over to my students, and then they were able to learn from that as well. I’ll never forget that. I’m grateful for that support system,” said Majewski. 

Zervos currently holds her master’s degree in Reading, which again makes her the perfect mentor for Majewski as she pursues her master’s in Reading and Literacy Leadership.


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