Mental Health Administrator 5 (Licensure and Certification Administrator)

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The mission of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) is to provide statewide leadership of a high-quality mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery system that is effective and valued by all Ohioans.

The Bureau of Licensure & Certification performs regulatory activities regarding community mental health agencies, private psychiatric hospitals and residential facilities that provide mental health services and activities to persons with mental illness or a severe mental disability.

Regulatory activities include on-site surveys, inspections and reviews to determine compliance with the applicable administrative rules. Agencies are certified every three years, private psychiatric units/hospitals are licensed annually, and residential facilities are licensed every two years. Entities in compliance are issued a certificate and/or license to conduct specific mental health services and activities.

This position is unclassified pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 124.11 (A)(9), and as such, serves at the pleasure of the Appointing Authority.  Statewide travel required.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Plans, directs, coordinates, implements and monitors statewide program of licensure and certification of community behavioral health providers and residential facilities: plans and coordinates inspection activities for mental health and alcohol & other drug providers, and residential facilities; provides direct supervision of  surveyor staff and licensure & certification activities; evaluates and recommends licensure/certification or corrective actions for appropriate agencies/ providers/ facilities; establishes & revises policies/procedures, rule changes, program adjustments to improve or enhance administration of standards for licensed &/or certified providers and residential facilities; participates in surveys/investigations in order to make informed determinations on recommendations for legal or licensure/certification-related action and in cases of negative finding, makes appropriate, evidenced-based recommendations; maintains current knowledge of all licensure & certification rules, and applicable sections of the Revised Code; conducts monthly on-site survey monitoring and supervision activities of direct report surveyors staff; conducts monthly performance improvement file reviews & other related activities; acts for or on behalf of &/or serves as the acting chief in the absence of the Chief of Licensure & Certification;

Coordinates the Chapter 119 revocation and denial process (e.g., maintains current knowledge of Ohio law and Ohio Administrative law regarding these appeals, reviews 119 notices drafted by staff prior to legal review, coordinates case preparation with legal representation from Ohio Attorney General’s office, serves as subject matter expert and witness, as needed, during the hearings);

Provides technical assistance and training to office and other department staff on administrative rules and office policies & procedures; provides technical assistance and other training to providers and stakeholders on rules, licensure & certification processes and procedures; responds to phone calls, e-mails & inquiries from the public & stakeholders; coordinates with other OhioMHAS staff as needed, and consults as needed with the offices of Health Integration & Legal Services on matters related to certification & licensure issues; represents the office at meetings, trainings and conferences; develops and gives presentations; prepares policy statements, position papers, and drafts of proposed legislation &/or rules &/or standards related to licensure & certification; provides back-up and assistance to licensure of private psychiatric hospital licensure program by conducting occasional on-site surveys; assists with investigations.


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