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Alex Panton’s mother, Jane Panton is the Alex Panton Foundation’s founder.

Aside from raising awareness through the foundation she says she’s fully supportive of the planned mental health facility in East End.

Today (February 13th) we got an update on the project.

Behaviour health associates Cayman psychiatrist Marc Lockhart tells Cayman 27 the project remains on track.

He says ground is set to break this summer and the facility should open in one year.

Ms. Panton hopes the facility will make a difference in the lives of other young people with mental illness.

“It depends on on how I guess how serious your anxiety and depression is Alex had serious and I did not realise that I really believe it’s much needed. It’s been needed for a long, long time in Cayman,” said Mrs. Panton.

The facility is set to be built on government owned land in East End.

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