Province expands disability support, adds support for mental health | Local | News

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Province expands disability support, adds support for mental health | Local | News

Family and Human Services Minister Tina Mundy announced expanded support for individuals with a disability, which will include individuals living with mental illness.

Mundy made the announcement on Thursday afternoon at the Fitzroy Centre Club House. As part of the announcement, Mundy said the Disability Support Program would be renamed AccessAbility Supports.

The changes will include:

support for all disabilities including physical, intellectual, neurological, sensory and mental, based on an assessment;

a new assessment tool to help better understand how the disability affects activities of daily living to ensure appropriate support is provided;

new Community Connector positions to focus on improving people’s independence and more active participation in community living;

a supports coordinator to navigate all available support services and develop a personalized plan to meet individual needs;

increased supports for finding or keeping a job including coaching and skills training;

increased financial help for home and vehicle modifications required because of a disability -$10,000 every 10 years for home (was $2,000 in a lifetime) and $6,000 every 8 years for a vehicle (was $2,000 in a lifetime); and

a single point of contact by calling a toll-free number for easier access to support.

Prince Edward Island was the last province to provide disability support services to individuals with mental illness.

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