Researcher predicts the next global pandemic will be respiratory-related

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Researcher predicts the next global pandemic will be respiratory-related


The world is not prepared for the next global pandemic, according to a Johns Hopkins researcher.

And he’s sharing his findings with the Ohio Valley.

He also suggested what we all need to do to prevent a world-wide outbreak.

“As a general public, one thing you can think of is don’t blow off the flu season,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja is a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Adalja predicts the next global pandemic will be respiratory.

“So, we do have a lot of kindling for our pandemic, and it could lead to massive society disruptions, massive economic loss,” Adalja said. “You can look at, for example, SARS, which wasn’t really a pandemic. It circled the globe in 2003, infected about 8,000 people, and had billions and billions of dollars in losses because of all the economic disruption that occurred.”

He says it’s up to all of us to take charge of our health, and be educated about our own illnesses.

“We’ve got to get much better at diagnostic testing and patients need to start saying, ‘I’m not satisfied with the diagnosis of a virus, I want to know which virus I have.’ I think that’s an important thing that people can start to do,” Adalja said.

And it’s important to recognize that small towns are not immune to infectious diseases, because it only takes one traveler to start the spread.

“People need to think about infectious diseases in a way that will keep people prepared for them and not surprised by them, and actually invest and protecting themselves and their communities against infectious disease threats,” Adalja said. “Whether that’s something like measles, which is coming back because of the anti-vaccine movement, or some novel virus that comes from the other part of the world. it’s all part of the preparedness that needs to occur,”

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