SELLAS Life Sciences Group Inc shares skyrocket on interim breast cancer trial data

KeepHealthCare.ORG – SELLAS Life Sciences Group Inc shares skyrocket on interim breast cancer trial data

() shares shot up over 126% in New York on positive interim data from a Phase 2b trial looking at a treatment for breast cancer.

The study is looking at the combination of drugs NeuVax and trastuzumab (Herceptin) in a bid to prevent the recurrence of tumors or death.

The firm said the findings so far were compelling and showed the potential for NeuVax + Herceptin to become an important therapeutic option for TNBC patients (triple-negative breast cancer).

This is an uncommon type of breast cancer, where the tumor cells don’t have receptors for hormones oestrogen and progesterone or Her2 protein.

“We are very pleased with these findings, which suggest that NeuVax + Herceptin may provide a clinically meaningful benefit to breast cancer patients with low-to-intermediate HER2-expression, especially given the recent report of the NSABP B-47 trial showing no benefit in these patients with Herceptin alone,” said Dr  George E. Peoples, study director of the independent investigator-sponsored clinical trial (IST).

“Furthermore, our trial has shown a significantly improved disease-free survival in women with TNBC. 

“The favorable findings for this cohort are particularly promising, given the limited treatment options for these patients with high risk of recurrence and death.

“We look forward to presenting these data at an upcoming major medical conference and to supporting SELLAS in the regulatory and developmental pathway for NeuVax,” he added.

Shares rocketed 126% to US$7.82.


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