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Fitness boot camps have become a popular with people looking to shed a few pounds and get into shape.

Now, Chris Boyd, a registered clinical counsellor in Coquitlam, is looking at applying the same concept to mental health. 

Boyd — along with sister Joanna Boyd, also a therapist, Dr. Brooke Lewis and American psychologist and writer Ryan Howes — have launched their Mental Health Boot Camp online, offering 25-day therapeutic programs. 

“Boot-camp culture is so popular right now,” Boyd told The Tri-City News in an interview at his Austin Avenue office. “I am always impressed by how dedicated people are to this… It is kind of interesting to have that approach to mental health.”

According to Boyd, one in five people is diagnosed with a mental disorder each year. And even those who are not formally diagnosed often deal with stress, motivation problems and communication issues in their relationships, and may not be able to seek professional help from a psychotherapist. 

Clients have 30 days to complete the program, which is offered online at www.mentalhealthbootcamp.com at a cost of $39 U.S. Each day, a new challenge comes available, consisting of four to five activities ranging from reading or writing exercises to meditations or going for a walk. 

“It touches on a range of different topics,” Boyd said. “We talk about anxiety, depression, resiliency — there’s all sorts of areas we explore.”

So far, between 60 and 70 people have tried the online boot camp and Boyd and the other creators are keeping track of their stats to see how they can improve the features. 

He noted all of the information posted to the site is kept confidential and even the creators are blocked from seeing what has been written, although participants are able to reach out if they have questions.

The challenges allow people who may not be comfortable seeing a psychiatrist to work at their own speed in the privacy of their home, Boyd said. It could also be a gateway for someone to consider getting professional therapy.

“Therapists often work individually,” he said. “It is great to find other avenues to get this information across to people.”

• To learn more about the program go to www.mentalhealthbootcamp.com. 

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