Titletown Bike Tour brings out 1,200 cyclists in support of cancer education

KeepHealthCare.ORG – Titletown Bike Tour brings out 1,200 cyclists in support of cancer education

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. More than 1,000 cyclists took ‘a tour around Titletown’ Sunday to help advocate for cancer education in schools.

The ‘Titletown Bike Tour’ offers riders anywhere from a 15K ride up to a 100-mile route. The annual bike tour raises money for the Breast Cancer Family Foundation. The foundation travels to middle schools and high schools in Central and Northeast Wisconsin to educate youth about cancer prevention.

“We talk about more than just about breast cancer and how they can reduce that risk, so eating right, exercising, wearing your sunscreen, and advocating that you’re getting your annual screenings,” said Diane Gaywont, Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Family Foundation.

For cyclist Donna Moens of Sturgeon Bay, the bike ride hits close to home. This year is Moens’ fourth year participating in the bike tour.

“I think education is key to prevention of cancer, and I have two sisters that have had breast cancer, a sister in law, as well as a good friend who’s a male that had breast cancer, and so it has a lot of significant meaning to us,” said Moens.

Moens doing a 55K ride, is an official ‘Pledge Hero,’ raising more than $350 for the cause.

“It makes me feel really great knowing that my friends and family support me in this and that they see the value in education for kids to know about cancer and cancer prevention,” Moens adds.

This year 1,200 riders registered for the 18th Annual Titletown Bike Tour. The annual bike tour is the largest fundraiser that the Breast Cancer Family Foundation does on an annual basis. The foundation says they expect to raise anywhere from $75,000 to $80,000.

“There’s all kinds of people and you get the waves, you know the ‘hi’s’ and ‘have fun’ and ‘good job’ and yeah it’s a lot of good camaraderie and that’s just the biking community in general. It’s just everybody kind of gets along and says hi and yeah it’s a good time,” said cyclist Dennis Schindel.

Schindel is taking the bike tour as a chance to challenge himself, this year he’s using a ‘fat tire bike’ and doing a 55K with his friends.

“Well a fat tire bike there’s no suspension on it, all your suspension is in the tires. I’ve got four and a half inch wide tires, runs about 20 pounds of pressure and just a lot of bouncing, but they’re fun,” Schindel says.

“A lot of our riders like to take on the challenge because it’s a challenging course, and it is just really inspirational for them, that’s their way of not only giving back and honoring a loved one in their family but it’s their way to lead our missions,” said Gaywont.

Source: http://www.wbay.com/content/news/Titletown-Bike-Tour-brings-out-1200-cyclists-in-support-of-cancer-education-487607481.html

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