You don’t have to be a celebrity to get the weight-loss results that others have achieved for themselves. What’s even better is that you can be someone with a significant body mass index (BMI) who is ready to reverse obesity and systemic metabolic syndrome. But before you can realize your goals, you need to understand the basic principles of fat loss.

Recently the health and fitness blog featured an article written by the highly accomplished professional bodybuilder and owner of the iconic Dolly (now deceased) and Dolly Living (now inactive) gym in Marina Del Rey, California, Roshine Kanda.

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Jason Fung, M.D. : This week, I’d like to tell you about Dolly. She lost almost 30 pounds while regaining control of her health. She, on the other hand, didn’t have the sagging skin issue that we had. I have not recommended a single patient for skin removal surgery throughout the five years of the IDM program, despite the fact that in certain instances, such as Dolly’s, the weight reduction was over 45 kg. There isn’t much information on why this occurs, but I believe it’s because the body burns extra protein for energy. Here’s how he tells his story:


Dolly: First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Fung, Megan, Nadia, and the whole staff and participants of the IDM program, as well as Nadia’s LCHF/Keto Facebook community. You actually gave me my life back, and I will be forever thankful. The process is marked by serious purpose and hard work, as well as joyous scientific curiosity and helpful assistance. I’ve dropped almost 48 kg in little over a year, which is more than the combined weight of two of my buddies! Isn’t it wonderful that we’re a part of a program that doesn’t need to include a caveat that these outcomes aren’t typical of these success stories, since they are?

I was 61 years old and extremely fat, standing 162 cm tall and weighing 118 kg.

I was 61 years old and fat when I began IDM in 2017, standing 162 cm (5’4′′) tall and weighed 118 kg (261 lbs). I had many symptoms of diabetes and poor heart health, including: very high insulin levels, high blood sugar, eye problems, shortness of breath, swollen ankles/feet/fingers, numerous skin tags, numbness, fog in the head (which was especially frightening to me because my mother and all of her sisters had died of Alzheimer’s), aches and pains, extreme fatigue, palpitations, arthritis, back pain, sleep apnea, and sleep apn I also got a terrible case of plantar fasciitis, which made it impossible for me to walk.

Because I was terrified that my doctor would demand that I go to the Joslin Center, I buried my head in the sand and ignored the exams and blood tests. If I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and began taking insulin, I dread to think where I might be today.

The IDM program was one of those wonderful, unintentional gifts that the universe likes to provide during life’s most trying moments. As I made my way through the stacks to escape the sight of an old acquaintance, Dr. Fung’s book, The Obesity Code, practically leapt out at me from the library shelves. I couldn’t stand the idea of him seeing me like this since I was ashamed and overwhelmed by my weight increase since the last time I saw him. I couldn’t put the book down after reading it for a time since it so closely matched my personal experience.

Too much insulin was the source of my hunger, and it wasn’t a character fault on my side!

Dr. Fung’s lectures are available on YouTube and via the IDM program. I was so sad and afraid at the time that I tried nearly anything. I believed I could pay for the program with the money I saved from fasting after I retired and had a fixed salary, and that proved out to be true. I was particularly struck by Dr. Fung’s genuineness and concern in his remarks and attitude. This was a doctor who recognized that patients weren’t lying when they claimed they were attempting to lose weight by counting calories, eating low-calorie meals, eating six meals a day as advised, exercising, and so on, but that these methods don’t work in the long term. He didn’t believe I was a slacker, a glutton, or someone who couldn’t manage herself. He saw that no matter what I ate, I was constantly hungry…. even when I was physically full. And he understood what was generating the hunger, and it wasn’t because of a fault in my character; it was because I was taking too much insulin!


One of my greatest worries was that if I lost the 100 pounds I wanted to drop, I’d end up with a lot of extra skin. We’ve all seen the horrifying photos of individuals with large amounts of saggy skin on their tummies. My skin is less elastic as I get older. But I’m pleased to report that, despite losing weight in a year, I have very little extra skin, and this is without the use of weight lifting or other strenuous activities to decrease pimples.

I can’t prove it, but I believe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been fasting three days a week for the majority of this year (autophagy? ), in some form or another, coupled with the most balanced, healthy, leisurely keto diet I can think of (2 days on vacation). When it was a holiday, I used to eat just the foods I truly loved the flavor of, and I always ate until I was completely satisfied.

My greatest mistake early on was not gaining enough weight. Dr. Nadia was very helpful in directing me to the appropriate resources. Her website is chock-full of delectable keto recipes. You may enjoy great meals without having to spend a lot of time preparing them. For supper, I can’t get enough of a large keto salad with plenty of EVOO and raw cider vinegar, and for breakfast, I adore eggs with avocado and fermented veggies. I also consume a little piece of cheese and raw almonds on a regular basis.

For a special treat, my settles for a couple squares of 95 percent dark chocolate coated in coconut cream and a handful of raspberries. If only you knew how fantastic it is! I am lucky to have always had the support of my family and friends. Many people assumed that either I would give in and return to the normal American diet (SAD) and be unhappy, or that I would be strong and refuse to give in, but that I would look so pitiful drooling over my inability to eat that they would feel terrible and we would all be sad! Instead, they’ve learned (and I’ve learned) that if there’s just SAD food, I can sit quietly and enjoy the company while sipping a glass of water with lime and low-fat butter. Take care.


I stir because I’m no longer hungry now that I’m burning fat. I’m not sure I could have done it if it hadn’t been for what occurred before. Nadia and the other IDM members in the discussion constantly taught me something new. You should not bury your head in the sand because you committed a mistake. Make a post in a forum or on Facebook. You’ll be amazed at how fast and how much support you’ll get from those who have been there or are now there, without passing judgment. That’s how I met some of my best friends. We were all about keto/breakfasts, beach walks, and what I could do now that my plantar fasciitis was gone!

I dropped 75 pounds in only six months after starting the IDM program.

I lost 34 kg, my fasting insulin fell to 4.3 IU/m, and my blood sugar plummeted to 75 mg/dL in only six months with the IDM program! Not just excellent, but outstanding! I was taken aback. My doctor, on the other hand, was not on my side. When I informed her what I was doing (after three months on the program and having already lost a lot of weight), she became enraged and told me I was being mislead, that hunger and all that fat were harmful, and she attempted to get me to read a vegan book and follow it instead.

I attempted to provide her with information, but she was unresponsive. When she observed these incredible statistics during my yearly physical in November 2018, she was still sure that my method of weight loss was not the most effective. But last month, after I’d dropped 48 pounds and was feeling great, she inquired whether I was still on the same diet. I answered OK, and she typed up my recommendation for Dr. Fung’s newest book, The Diabetes Code, to assist other patients! In November, I’m looking forward to my yearly survey. I gave the diabetes code to a friend whose diabetic spouse had been on insulin for years. He’s out of insulin now! My sister, a marathon runner/triathlete who is constantly concerned about her weight (so many calories in and out – she’s even done ultramarathons!

It’s a way of life that works and can be maintained.

Even though I moved from a 3X stretch to a genuine size 12, there is still room for improvement. My new objective is to reduce my aspect ratio to 0.5 or less. When I relocated to a new city and had two cataract operations, I didn’t fast for six weeks. Throughout this time, I continued to eat a substantial low-carb, high-fat dinner twice a day at 16/8, with no snacks in between, and I am pleased to report that my weight stayed under 70kg. It’s great to be able to restart my weight loss journey! I was concerned that after I stopped fasting three days a week, my weight might rise; nevertheless, this was not the case. It’s a way of life that works and can be maintained. I no longer feel compelled to diet or have an aversion to it. Instead, I feel the urge to do what my body is doing now and to help others do the same out of self-love.

A buddy and I created a list of the actual reasons we wanted to lose weight a few years ago. These are some of them:

  • Because our knees no longer scrape together and create rashes, we may wear shorts.
  • The opportunity to purchase clothing that reflects our personalities rather than black muumuus.
  • What method do you use to read the scale?
  • Pilates is a great workout.
  • Bending down without disturbing your tummy to knot your laces.
  • Ability to maintain personal hygiene with ease
  • Being free to order anything you want at a restaurant without being questioned: “Do you really have to eat that?”
  • Visiting a spa without having to worry about finding bathrobes that fit my requirements.

I completed all of my actual objectives, as well as my new beautiful swimming suit, and I’ll be visiting that spa in the autumn.

Jason Fung, M.D. : Dolly, I congratulate you. They’re all giddy with anticipation.

– Jason Fung, M.D.

Dolly Chugh is a UK student who decided to turn her life around from being overweight and a smoker to being fit and healthy. This is her story.. Read more about dr fung success stories and let us know what you think.

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