The Trump administration says the US is ending its decades-old policy of allowing drugs to flow from the US to Mexico as part of its war on drugs, and is instead going to push for more enforcement and a crackdown on the marijuana trade.

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If the Mexican military is deeply corrupt and now effectively controls the national government under its inept president, we are in a new phase of our Latin American disaster.

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In 2018, Mexico’s Supreme Court declared the country’s marijuana laws unconstitutional and asked Congress to enact new laws. Congress had to ask for several postponements, but failed to meet a new deadline when it seemed close to agreeing on new legislation.

For Americans, the problem may seem familiar, but the stakes are much higher in Mexico.

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Of course, the pandemic hit Mexico much harder than it did the United States. At some point, they would run out of death certificates. But in a country where thousands of people die every year because of the drug war and thousands more just disappear, this is a new tragedy.

Although the Mexican government is still in control of the major cities, there are large areas where gangs (not cartels) terrorize the population, who are not allowed to own weapons, which the gangs obtain from the United States, financed by the sale of drugs, which is illegal.

Unfortunately, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has proven to be a disaster. He’s kind of a leftist Trump. There’s a word for that in Latin America: Personalismo, but for Mexico (and until recently for the United States), it’s a new word. In post-Stalin Russia, this was called the cult of personality.

While AMLO has campaigned against Mexico’s entrenched corruption, he ignored the pandemic last year to meet the mother of El Chapo, a gangster currently in prison in the United States.

And while Mexico, unlike most Latin American countries, has never had a military dictatorship, the government’s dependence on the military has become painfully obvious in the past year. Last October, the United States arrested former Mexican Defense Minister Salvador Cienfuegos at Los Angeles Airport. Since the United States does not trust the Mexican government, Washington did not give Mexico City advance notice.

Mexico was outraged, supposedly because this violated its sovereignty, etc., and demanded that the general be sent back to Mexico to stand trial for corruption. The United States agreed, perhaps in exchange for Mexico’s arrest of a key gang leader.

However, when the general returned safely to Mexico, he was acquitted in January. The United States was not happy, but this nonsense clearly demonstrated the power of the Mexican army.

Now AMLO is embarrassed again.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the pandemic continues, so the U.S. sends vaccines to Mexico, Republicans condemn President Joe Biden’s border crisis and demand that Vice President Kamala Harris go to the border for a photo opportunity with a big, beautiful wall that Trump has repeatedly said Mexico will pay for. Mexico, meanwhile, is in the middle, but still fighting for the easy part: legalizing marijuana.

As a largely unrepentant drug war veteran, Biden cannot acknowledge the growing damage to our increasingly vulnerable neighbors. Harris goes to Central America, which is even more fragile and corrupt than Mexico, but she can’t even mention the war on drugs. If the Mexican military is deeply corrupt and now effectively controls the national government under the leadership of an incompetent AMLO, then we are in a new phase of our Latin American disaster.This week, the Mexican Senate failed to approve proposed legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana. If passed, the measure would have allowed adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants for personal use. It would also remove criminal penalties for the use of marijuana in private, while allowing for fines and jail terms for public use.. Read more about mexican drug laws for tourists 2021 and let us know what you think.

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