In recent years, I’ve shifted the bulk of my meat purchases at the store to grass-fed and pastured meats. Initially, I did this because I believe that meat from an animal that has raised free from the use of antibiotics and hormones and has lived on its own in a natural environment is more nutritious than conventionally raised meat.

Snake River Farms is a beef jerky company based out of Idaho and has joined Tastefully Simple as a partner. That’s right, I’m now getting paid to write a review of 3 of their products.

Do you like your steak tender and juicy?

I’m gonna do it! My husband and I like to make special recipes for dinner at home. My husband recently ordered steaks and other meat products from Snake River Farms. They sell premium steaks, roasts, briskets, ribs, chops, burgers and other beef products. Honestly, when he told me what he was ordering and how much it cost, I was a little upset. LOL!

He then gave me some details about the quality of the meat and told me we should try it at least once. And honestly, after trying their steak, I prefer Snake River Farms….., even with their high prices!

An important note:

We paid for our box of groceries. This is not a sponsored article, but an honest review of a product. I hope it is an interesting read for all other carnivores.

We ordered two Double Ranch steaks, tomahawk chops, bacon and wagyu hot dogs. Everything was delivered to my door in a box and in a cooler bag with cooling elements. There’s nothing more comfortable than that, is there?

How is Snake River Farms beef rated?

All of your beef is evaluated for marbling, color and the absence of defects on the cow’s body. Double Ranch uses the USDA rating scale, which includes these designations:

    • Pick one: This meat has little marbling and is generally leaner than other types. It’s probably not as juicy and flavorful as a higher quality beef.
    • Selection: High quality beef with moderate marbling produces juicy and flavorful cuts, especially the loin and ribs.
    • First class: The highest category, Prime, has a lot of marbling from young cattle and is usually offered in restaurants and hotels.

Cost: ($52 each)

The New York Strip is the best cut for a steakhouse, and this USDA Prime specimen has plenty of delicious marbling and is 1 ½ inches thick. We cooked it on an open grill over medium-high heat and it turned out fantastic with incredible flavor and texture. I loved this tender steak so much!

Conclusion: Despite the high price of about $50 per serving, we would have paid about the same at an expensive steakhouse, and this place filled my family of four. It was delicious, and yes, I would definitely buy it again!

Idea for a deal!

FOR SALE 4 Prime New York Strip Steaks $208
Save 5% when ordering 4 steaks
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Final price $197.60 with shipping!

Cost: ($45/piece)

This piece of ribeye contains the highest percentage of marbling recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture and is cut into 1.5-inch thick slices. Overall, it was excellent and honestly one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. It’s like a steak melting in your mouth. We also grilled this dish outside and the result was amazing!

Conclusion: Yes, the ribeye was delicious! It was a beautiful home cooked dinner and we really enjoyed it! Don’t hesitate to choose this steak as it exceeded my expectations.

Idea for a deal!

BUY 4 prime rib steaks $180
Save 5% when ordering 4 steaks
Use promo code SRFSHIPSFREE for free shipping
Final price $171 with shipping!

Cost: ($23 each)

This is a Kurobuta pork chop with a long exposed bone that gives it a unique appearance. Snake River Farms Kurobuta is a gourmet pig from the Berkshires, a traditional pig with a history in Japanese cuisine. It is known for its fine and rich marbling, making it juicy and tasty. This pork is all natural, with no added hormones, and comes from small farms.

Sometimes pork chops are tricky, but these are just incomparable! We were ecstatic to see how delicious and tender they were. I roasted them in a cast iron skillet with fresh herbs and olive oil for a simple, but fantastic dinner. They turned out fantastic, what a special treat!

Conclusion: YES! So much for chops! I’m in the mood for a pork chop today! They are definitely worth ordering.

Idea for a deal!

FOR SALE 4 Tomahawk Pork Chops $92
Save 5% when ordering 4 chops
Use promo code SRFSHIPSFREE for free shipping
Final price $87.40 with shipping!

Cost: ($27/package)

Snake River Farms bacon has a smoky, salty, slightly sweet flavor due to light aging and natural hardwood smoke. These slices and disks are made from 100% Heritage Berkshire pigs.

This bacon is delicious! It’s crunchy, has lots of flavor, and cooks well without shrinking. I like thicker pieces, and they were quickly gone in our family.

Conclusion: I love bacon, but Costco has good thick-skinned bacon for less than half the price. So I’ll stick with that and not use Snake River Farms bacon. For such a high price, it’s not worth it.

Cost: ($12 for a package of 5)

These gourmet wagyu franks are packaged with a whole bowl, just like the real old-fashioned franks. I wanted them so bad, but we didn’t like those hot dogs at all. They have no taste and the texture of the shell is strange and rough.

Conclusion: I am not a fan of these hot dogs and highly recommend avoiding them. You can get a decent hot dog at Costco and Sam’s Club for only $1.50, and they taste ten times better than these!

Colleen is also a big fan of Snake River Farms! Here’s what she’s trying to say:

When I lived in Boise, ID, I bought Snake River Farms products because they were available at my local grocery store. They were great! But since we’ve moved to Reno, North Carolina, it’s hard to find the same quality meat in the grocery store here ….. I miss my wagyu beef ribs so much!!!

They have adopted many traditional aspects of the Japanese way of eating. That means it takes four times longer to get the beef ready than traditional beef production methods in the United States. At the same time, the result is a beautiful beef, very tender and rich in flavour! It’s worth it!

An important part of their process is something I had never heard of before – wet aging. To maximize the flavor and tenderness of the meat, they carefully marinate the piece of meat in its own juices and keep it away from contact with the outdoors. I love a juicy, tender steak!

Better yet, they have master butchers who hand-cut, age and slice the finished products and package them after seasoning the meat. The end result is unlike anything I’ve tried before! Try finding it at the grocery store or many other online retailers (another reason I love Snake River Farms!).

Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu beef is rated above Prime on the USDA grading scale and is graded according to the Japanese beef marbling standard. This standard grades beef on a scale of 1 to 12, depending on the degree of marbling. Most beef with a USDA Prime rating is in the 4-5 range. The American Wagyu is classified as follows:

    • Black: Beef with a score of 6 or higher according to the Japanese beef marbling standard.
    • Gold: The beef has a margin of 9 or more by the Japanese Marble standard, making it among the best cattle raised in the United States.

Undecided? Here’s Collins’ love letter to Snake River Farms…..

Oh Snake River Farms, how I love everything about your beautifully marbled wagyu steaks. They melt in your mouth like butter and the sensation when eating them is simply orgasmic. Your prices are incredibly high, but the taste is incredibly delicious, so I keep giving you all my money, because the meat is always what’s for dinner.

Conclusion: Snake River Farms is expensive, but worth it!

Yes, their meat is more expensive than what you would normally pay at a regular grocery store. But they’re a real treat if you’re celebrating a special occasion at home, or just want to put a smile on someone’s face if they’ve just started their journey into keto cooking!

Try this cast iron method to make the best steak!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snake River Farms worth the money?

Snake River Farms is worth the money.

Is Snake River Wagyu good?

Snake River Wagyu is a type of beef that is raised in the Snake River Valley in Idaho. It is known for its marbling and tenderness.

Is Snake River Farms real Wagyu?

Snake River Farms is a USDA-certified beef producer. Snake River Farms Wagyu is 100% purebred Japanese Wagyu cattle.

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