PURAURA Naturals by Enhanced Botanicals Debuts CBD Tinctures

Puraura’s latest product is the CBD Tincture, a product that you can choose to add to your daily regimen. The oil can be taken sublingually, or it can be added to your favorite beverage, mixed into a smoothie, or used to top your favorite food. The company’s research shows that CBD is a very powerful tool for aiding in the healing of many different conditions.

Looking for a way to get your kids off of pharmaceuticals and onto a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t involve popping a prescription every time you see a doctor? Look no further than the Puraura brand of medical cannabis. Puraura products are safe, affordable, and come in a variety of forms. Let’s take a closer look at Puraura’s line of products.

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Enhanced Botanicals, the consumer brands division of Green Rock Hemp Holdings, has announced plans to launch its first own brand called PURAURA Naturals. PURAURA Naturals offers all-natural CBD-enriched products for the Chinese and American markets. The CBD comes from the company’s family farm in Green River, Utah.

PURAURA Naturals blends use the most advanced technology and natural ingredients to produce safe, high-quality products such as capsules, infusions, topicals and chews. Edward Roche, vice president and co-founder of Green Rock, says they have worked diligently with their team to create a brand that produces pure cannabis products to meet the needs of active people for the best all-natural health and wellness products.

Several studies have confirmed that nearly half of the CBD products sold today do not contain the advertised amount of CBD. With enhanced herbal products, you get the exact amount of CBD advertised, and the quality of the products is guaranteed. The products of PURAURA Naturals are tested in an external laboratory. The test results can be found on the official website pura-naturals.com/certificates-analysis/.

Joseph Cashy, CEO of Green Rock Hemp Holdings, says the launch of PURAURA Naturals is an important step in bringing the company’s products to a wider audience. The Green Rock family of companies is committed to providing high quality, reliable products to consumer product manufacturers, end users and farmers. The company plans to introduce several other premium brands this year.

To clarify: Enhanced Botanicals is the consumer division of Green Rock Hemp Holdings. Greek Rock Hemp Holdings is a reputable, vertically integrated provider of industrial hemp solutions. Enhanced Botanicals manufactures high quality branded health and beauty products with added CBD and provides high quality distribution channels.

For more information about Enhanced Botanicals, Green Rock Hemp Holdings and PURAURA Naturals, visit greenrockhempholdings.com and pura-naturals.com or call (435) 673-4125.In the world of cannabis extracts, there are many different methods and formulas used to customize a desired outcome. Some are made using more traditional cannabis concentrates, while others are infused with a combination of oils, waxes, and other cannabis extracts. Puraura Naturals by Enhanced Botanicals has taken the approach of combining all of these elements to create a high-end cannabis extract line. With its unique combination of time-tested cannabis extracts, herbs, and vitamins, Puraura Naturals provides a one-stop-shop for those who are looking to customize their cannabis experience.. Read more about full spectrum cbd oil 1000mg and let us know what you think.

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