I was feeling discouraged last week, and binge eating was the stand-in for my sadness. After I hit a low point in my life, I felt powerless to change what I was doing. I wasn’t in the right place to take control of my health, but I found myself in a binge, and I didn’t know how to stop or how to get back on track.

I have been on and off the keto diet for the past year. In 2018 I had a rough patch and was unable to maintain a strict keto diet. Here is what happened and how I got better.

Error number 00800 is the most recent in a long series of problems and difficulties with Ghost Recon’s breaking points, but it seems to be the most serious yet. This simply means that the game may already be in Early Access, but you will be unable to play it.

You had an advantage over other players if you pre-ordered one of the special editions of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This deal is also applicable for UPlay+ members, and the servers are already up and operating, since the game will be released on October 4th.

What is the Mountain error number 00800 and how can I fix it?

You’ve undoubtedly seen problem 00800 if you’ve been attempting to visit Ghost Recon Breakpoint since yesterday. Players who have bought successive versions of the game at the time of writing will be able to play the 4th edition. During the month of October, you will be able to

Gold Edition of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ultimate Edition of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint UPlay+ membership for Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolves Collector’s Edition.

The 00800 mountain is more of a caution than an error, indicating that you should not play the game just yet. The only true option is to wait until the game is published, which shouldn’t be too difficult given there are only a few days remaining.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t more severe error codes in Breakpoint. Click here to learn more about the server’s current status and potential fixes. The Infinity issue is solved quickly and easily in our tutorial, while the Silent 1000b bug is a little more complex.

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