There are a lot of different cuts of meat that you can buy in your local grocery store. Some are better for you than others, so it’s important you know the which cuts of meat you should buy. The best keto cuts of meat can help you lose weight quickly and they can also taste great when you cook them.

Choosing which Keto cut you want can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle and don’t know what to look for. There are many cuts of meat that can be bought, ranging from the “traditional” hamburger and steak to the more exotic, and some of the cuts, such as flank steak and ribs, are very common in restaurants. You may be surprised to learn that the cuts of meat that are most popular in restaurants are often not the best for you.

Choosing the right cuts of meat can make all the difference when it comes to the taste and health benefits of your meals. But how do you know which cuts are the best?. Read more about best steak cuts for keto and let us know what you think.


Good meat is one of the most delectable keto diet components.

We’ve put up some suggestions on how to select the finest types of meat for ketotherapy to help you get into (and remain in) ketosis!

When I was last in Chicago, a couple of my team colleagues and I dined at Harry Caray’s and had the most amazing steaks.

We also met the excellent serving crew, who discussed the various meats and the key characteristics to look for while making our own pick.

1. Expect a lot of marbling (how much!).


The amount of fat in the red meat is indicated by white marbling, which makes the steak juicy, tender, and delicious when cooked. When inspecting various slices of meat, this is the first thing to check for.

You must, however, identify the precise kind of marbling. After cooking, the flesh practically melts in your tongue (like butter!) so look for beautifully marbled veins. Large chunks of fat typically grow hard and inedible over time.


Instead of the thick white marbling on the right, a marbling like the excellent Snake River Farms Wagyu steak shown above left is ideal.

2. Use the term coast to refer to anything.


Because most of the fat comes from the rib eye (the most popular keto steak), rib roast, and prime rib all originate from the same area of the cow (but sliced differently). Steaks should be sliced for grilling or frying, then baked as normal.

But, please, don’t limit yourself to beef! Pork chops are also a good keto meat to consume since they have more fat per serving than bacon. Lina has a wonderful recipe for crockpot ribs on the Hip2Save website, to which you can add your preferred sugar-free barbecue sauce.

3. Inquire about alternative inexpensive areas, such as. B. 7-bone chuck steak, chuck ai or top round


You may switch up the slices to create a variety of meals. The greatest thing is that some of these pieces are cheap or on sale, allowing you to acquire a fantastic keto meat at a reasonable price!

Seven-bone and chuck steaks are low-cost cuts that may be grilled or baked in the same manner as ribeye steaks, making them a convenient complement to weeknight dinners. Sirloin steaks are a terrific fat choice as well, but only if they’re on sale.

The Top Round (also known as London Broil) is another inexpensive cut of beef, but it requires a bit more care. For the most tender London Broil, try this marinade recipe and these grilling instructions!

4. Make a friend of your butcher.


The finest meat is kept by your butcher. And since keto dieters seek out sound, which many people avoid (pun intended), you will be valued as a client. Tell them you like grass-fed fatty meals and request that they save some for you.

You may also ask the butcher at Whole Foods to carve out the meat, season it, and offer you cooking tips. If you prepare your own broth, you may even inquire if they have any bones left over. Some restaurants give them out for free, while others charge a small percentage of the steak’s price.

5. Prepare the meat on your own.


Don’t pass up a good bargain on grass-fed beef, even if it’s a lean cut. To create your own 80/20 mince, chop this beef with bacon, belly bacon, or leftover bacon. Don’t forget to inquire about how your butcher buddy trims the fat and minces the meat.

You may also buy a meat grinder and use it to mince different kinds of meat, such as pig or chicken, or to crush hard cheese!

6. If beef isn’t your thing, go for chicken or duck instead.


If you’re not a fan of red meat, go for chicken wings and legs, as well as duck breast, which are both heavier birds. To create a stock that may be used to make a fatty sauce, boil these parts with the bones (in the case of chicken thighs) and skin intact.

Lina has some fantastic keto chicken wings recipes, as well as a marinade for chicken drumsticks and instructions on how to cook an entire chicken in a hot air fryer!

7. Add fat before, during, and after the cooking process.


Don’t restrict yourself to the meat’s fat!

Lean meat is found in some of the cheapest types of beef. The fluids are kept in the meat by roasting it and using a slow cooker. The oil is then supplemented with the missing fat. Chuck ai steak, Flat Iron steak, and Hunger Steak are all low-cost cuts with a lot of taste.

To improve the taste and give the meat a crust, drizzle a little Kerrygold oil or bacon fat over the top after it has simmered in the pan. For a final touch, a dab of seasoned butter may be placed on top of your steak.

We hope these ideas will help you integrate nutritious and tasty meat into your diet, no matter how you slice, chop, or marinade it! Have a blast!


You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for keto beef recipes.

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I follow a very low carb diet, and I’m in the process of switching over to a Ketogenic diet. I’ve been using the Keto Calculator to figure out how much insulin to take to get into a state of nutritional ketosis and maintain my weight at 60-70% of my ideal body weight.. Read more about best keto beef and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cut of steak is best for keto?

The best cut of steak for keto is a ribeye.

What are 2 tips for selecting meat?

One tip is to use a knife when you are cutting meat. The other tip is to use your hands instead of a fork or spoon.

Is ribeye good for keto?

Ribeye is a type of steak, and its not good for keto.

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