In a recent blog entry, I reviewed the Vida Hindya Yoga Mat. The Yoga Mat is a natural cork yoga mat that is made from sustainable materials and is eco-friendly. The Yoga Mat is a great alternative to other yoga mats that are made from fabrics, certain types of rubber, or foam. This cork yoga mat is one of many yoga mats that is available at

Are you constantly falling on the yoga mat and suffering from joint aches and pains? Are you tired of feeling like you are slipping all of the time? If so, you’re not alone and yoga mats are probably one of the biggest causes of this problem.

I’m obsessed with Yoga. I’ve been the girl in the mirror with my face twisted in the same pose over and over again for almost 15 years. I love Yoga, I love looking at my body contort in poses that stretch and twist the body in ways that help me feel like I’m working hard, but Yoga has taught me a lot about how to treat my body. Maybe more than that, Yoga has taught me how to treat myself.

Denial: The brand sent me the product for free in exchange for my honest and open review. All opinions in this article are my own. You can find yoga brands on every corner. Very few people get their yoga off the mat and into business. That’s where Vida Hindya comes in, a small Spanish team of environmentally conscious yogis whose mission is to promote conscious consumption, reduce plastic and make the world as yogic as they are. I have been testing their High Times yoga mat for over a month. Read on for my full review or watch the short video below. FACTUAL OVERVIEW About the brand: Vida Hindya is a small Spanish brand of ethical yoga that wants to show that we can take care of our inner world while respecting the outer one. The brand is committed to plastic-free production and uses only natural and biodegradable materials for its yoga mats. Best for: Full yoga and fitness exercises, indoor and outdoor. Top layer: Natural Cork Below: Natural rubber Weight: 1.5 kg Dimensions : 160×180 cm Thickness: 2.3 mm Price: from €60,00

♀️ Pressed? Here is my verdict on the High Timesyoga mat

The Vida Hindya cork yoga mat has officially raised the bar for how yoga accessories look and function. It is thinner than most cork yoga mats, but very light. I liked the unique geometric patterns, but it was the incredible wet grip and versatility that won me over. What I liked best:

  • Versatility – To say that the High Times is a yoga mat is an understatement. This is a versatile mat that provides a safe surface both indoors and out, whether you’re lifting weights, doing cardio or relaxing.
  • Unique design – the patterns are not only beautiful, but also very thoughtful – some form alignment lines to guide you in practice.
  • Environmentally Friendly – High Times is made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials that minimize the impact on our planet.

What could be better:

  • Dry grip – the carpet was quite slippery when new, and it took me about two weeks to get it fully adjusted.

High Times is the carpet that distinguishes itself from the masses. word-image-5065

What are the highlights made of?

Guru Kundalini Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa once said: The quality of your breathing is the quality of your life. It’s not just how you breathe, it’s what you breathe. Many yoga mats are a mixture of toxic cocktails that are bad for you and the environment. The founders of Vida Hindya believe that things can be different. They use natural materials to minimize our impact on the planet. Vida Hindya yoga mats are made from a blend of Portuguese cork and natural Vietnamese rubber. Both are biodegradable and contain no toxic chemicals or petroleum ingredients. A perfect mix of durable cork and natural rubber makes the mat non-slip and biodegradable. word-image-5066 Cork is my favorite material. Here’s why:

  • The cork is harvested by hand without damaging the wood.
  • The bark restores itself
  • Harvested cork oak absorbs 5 times more CO2 than unharvested oak.
  • The cork harvest supports local biodiversity.

I’m not singing an ode to natural rubber. It is true that its environmental friendliness is much better than that of its synthetic counterparts. But natural rubber has a few drawbacks that make it not 100% ecological:

  • It is not growing like a cork in Europe. This means that the raw material had to come all the way from Asia to become mats.
  • Due to increased demand (perhaps from all the environmentally conscious western yogis), many natural forests are now being turned into rubber plantations, which has a negative impact on biodiversity.

Nevertheless, natural rubber is a good environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics that end up in landfills.

First impression (writing performance)

Vida Hindya is committed to plastic-free production and packaging, and it shows. The mat arrived in a cardboard box and was sealed with a nice paper label and a personal note. 100% plastic free! word-image-5067 I’ll be honest, the first look at the carpet left me in awe. Not only because I didn’t know what kind of carpet I would get, but also because I felt the high quality from the first contact. In reality, the High Times pattern is even more beautiful than on the computer screen. At the same time, the carpet had a slight odor. The unpleasant smell is one of the disadvantages of natural rubber, but it is not the deciding factor for me.

Comfort or stability

I tested the mat on a variety of surfaces including tile, hardwood, sand and grass. Whatever the surface, balancing on a High Times mat is an unforgettable experience. The stability is second to none. In addition, the mat is easy to unroll, does not slip thanks to the embossed rubber floor structure and lies flat. No matter what surface, balancing on the High Times mat is easy. word-image-5068 With a thickness of 2.3 mm, the High Times does not offer the same support for the joints as a normal yoga mat. If you have sensitive knees and wrists and stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time, you probably need a cover for extra padding. You can also double the amount of mattress, but I don’t recommend doing this often as it can leave cracks in the top layer. However, if you have a blanket nearby or practice on your home’s carpet or lawn, you’ll solve the pillow problem and gain unparalleled postural stability.

Structure: Smooth as leather

Forget the dusty, scratchy cork surface of cheap yoga mats. The surface of High Times is so smooth and skin-like that you can’t help but touch it. Seriously, though. Thecork fabric makes the top layer smooth and leather-like. word-image-5069 I used to suffer from what was called Ashtanga toe, where the skin on my big toe peeled off due to the friction of the mat. I was surprised this didn’t happen once during my training for High Times – my toes were happy! However, this smooth surface has a drawback, which brings us to the next point: traction.

✋ Dry handle: Commissioning required

I never expect a reliable train from a kit. Especially cork, because it has to be wet to be grabbed. And especially when the founder Irene pointed out to me that the carpet needs time to shine. She was right. The initial dry grip was far from optimal, and I struggled with opposing stances like Downward Dog. Lifehack: Turn the mat over with the rubber side up for a better grip. word-image-5070 It took me about two weeks of regular training to master the mat. Traction on dry surfaces has been significantly improved. Now I often start working out on a dry mat and just wait for my body to warm up and my palms to start sweating. Another tip I discovered: If you need a really sticky surface, you can just flip the mat over and practice on the rubber floor side. However, avoid abrasive surfaces to avoid scratching the corkboard, and stay in the shade, as the rubber starts to smell and melt in the sun.

Wet adhesion: Good work

When cork is wet, it gives off a substance called suberin, which improves adhesion to the surface. With a little water sprayed on the surface, High Times lives up to its promise – it sticks and leaves room for transitions, yay! This makes the mat the perfect companion for a hot yoga class or an outdoor yoga session at the beach. Spray the surface with a small amount of water to activate adhesion. word-image-5071

Weight and portability: Comfortable to wear

The Vida Hindya mat is easy to roll up and feels quite compact at just 6cm rolled up. With its light weight of 1.5 kg, you can easily take it to and from the studio, or even on the plane. It doesn’t stay rolled up by itself. But there’s a nice extra detail: two mini straps that come off the mat and keep it rolled up. Two miniature straps hold the mat comfortably in a rolled-up position. word-image-5072

Cleaning: No problem

I didn’t do much to clean up High Times. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of cork, the carpet naturally kills bacteria and prevents bad odours. So far, the carpet has never stunk. I wiped it down regularly with a damp cloth, just out of habit.

✂️ Version: Elegant but striking

The Vida Hindya carpet is one of the most beautiful carpets I have used in my life. I love the way the natural aesthetic of cork is combined with the hand painted elements. The High Times pattern is not only beautiful, but also very well thought out. The elements appear in strategic places, e.g. B. in the middle of the carpet. With a little imagination, they can easily become alignment lines to guide you in your practice. word-image-5073 By the way: All designs are made with non-toxic water-based inks that have minimal impact on the environment. If you like minimalist designs or no designs at all, Vida Hindya also offers a simple yoga mat made of cork.

⌛ Strength: Rock solid

Did you know NASA used cork for the space shuttle? Cork is very strong and resistant to friction and wear. I have been using the High Times yoga mat for over a month now. I took him outside a few times and trained on rocky, abrasive surfaces. I also unfolded it and went around it to test it. The mat has survived many yoga classes, fitness sessions and relaxation sessions. word-image-5074 I am happy to announce that High Times passed my showdown with ease:

  • The top, bottom and diaper are like new.
  • No peeling, cracking or separation of visible layers.
  • The print does not fade after repeated cleaning, as is the case with cheap yoga mats with patterns.
  • There are no loose wires visible on the sides.

The Vida Hindya High Times Yoga Mat is a solid and reliable foundation for your practice for years to come.

⚖️ Final rating: A high-quality rug without the guilt

word-image-5075 You’ll love training on the High Times yoga mat as much as I do:

  • Looking for a versatile yoga mat for both indoor and outdoor classes.
  • You’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint – the rug is made with Mama Earth in mind.
  • Art lovers – Vida Hindya has some amazing designs that will make your carpet stand out.

Keep looking anyway if you :

  • Latex allergy
  • looking for a large airbag.

word-image-5076In this edition, I’m going to show you how to naturally stop the slip of a yoga mat, using a natural cork yoga mat. A natural cork yoga mat is a great alternative to traditional yoga mats and can be purchased at almost any Yoga store, or online. After you purchase your yoga mat, you can start to use it as your Yoga mat by simply adding cork to it.. Read more about amazon yoga mat and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cork yoga mats worth it?

Yoga has always been a great way to stay in shape. It is a full body workout that stretches muscles, tones the body and improves flexibility. These mats have been designed to help you do yoga in the best possible way while maintaining the health benefits. Yoga is a widely practiced form of physical exercise that involves a person practicing a set sequence of postures that are designed to stretch their body, relax their mind and awaken their consciousness. Early in the history of yoga, it was initially practiced through integrated spiritual practices that were centered on meditation, ritual and the attainment of moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Are cork yoga mats slippery?

This natural rubber cork yoga mat is made in India and is sold by Yoga2go, a yoga accessories distributor. It is a lightweight mat that is 61.5 x 29.5 inches and a 2mm thick. Its natural rubber cork surface is extremely slippery, making it easy to slide around on during a yoga flow or inversions, which is great news for people suffering from arthritis. The problem is that the surface of the natural rubber cork is so slick that it is nearly impossible to clean, rendering the mat useless within a few uses. I just bought my first natural cork yoga mat and I wanted to know if it is slippery or not and whether it might cause problems for someone with arthritis.

What is the best cork yoga mat?

There are tons of new yoga mats on the market. Many of them are made with synthetic fibers, and they are very similar to each other. However, there is one exception: cork. While many yoga mats are made of synthetic materials, the best ones use natural cork. And now, the best yoga mat of all time is the Vida Hindya New Zealand cork yoga mat. We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind, but with the amount of variations you can do – it’s even harder to find a mat that lets you do it all in comfort. Whether you are just starting to practice or have been doing it for years – you know how important it is to have a yoga mat that will not only keep you comfortable, but also let you complete your routine as it is meant to be.

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