After a short introduction (telling me what the blog is about), you will write the intro paragraph for a post titled “Try This Yoga Sequence to Open Your Hips |” that is described as “A series of posts by a yoga instructor on how to open hips and thighs. Also known as the “Vikross Pose”, this pose is a part of the Yoga Nidra ( yoga sleep ) pose. Create a yoga sequence for yourself, find a comfortable place to lie down on the ground, fold your hands in prayer, relax your mind and let your body guide you through the sequences.

In this yoga pose, your legs are turned out, knees wide, hips and chest open, head and heart up, and arms reaching forward.

While we all have different anatomy and movement ranges, we all have the same goals: a strong connection to our bodies, and a healthy relationship with our bodies. Our hips are the most commonly problematic part of our bodies, so today we’re going to do a simple yoga sequence for greater range of motion in the hips, and open them up to new possibilities.. Read more about hip opening yoga sequence and let us know what you think.

Hip openers are the most helpful postures in a yoga asana practice, in my view. I adore these postures because they have the ability to open me up both physically and emotionally, plus I have very tight hips.

Many of us carry tension, worry, and dread in our hips. This is where we store our stress and hang on to old, unpleasant ideas and memories. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to let go of these things.

Even if you don’t think of hip openers as “wonderful,” your body, mind, and soul will be glad for the chance to let go. To expand your hips, do the following yoga sequence:

Bound Angle Reclining

Credit: Meagan McCrary Meagan McCrary is the author of this piece.

Begin by laying down on your mat on your back. Bring the soles of your feet together and open your knees. Begin by inhaling deeply and directing air to the hip creases. Allow the energy inside you to ignite and the hips to begin to melt open.

Figure 4 or Needle Threading Pose

Credit: Kristin McGee Kristin McGee contributed to this article.

Cross the right ankle across the left knee and place the left foot on the floor.

Lift the left foot off the floor by gently pulling the left leg towards you. Rep on the other side.

Reach your hands through to grab the left shin or back of the leg if you want to feel a little more.

Pose of a Child with Wide Legs

Credit: Jacqueline Buchanan Jacqueline Buchanan/Flickr

Sitting on the floor with your legs bent, spread your knees wide while keeping your feet together. Fold forward with your arms stretched out in front of you on the mat, and your third eye down to the mat. To deepen the stretch, try walking your hands to each side of the mat.

Low Lunge

Credit: Ling Beisecker Ling Beisecker contributed to this article.

Staying on the bent knee of the left leg, step the right foot to the top of the mat. Reach your arms over your head while engaging your core.

Melt into your hips as much as you can, lowering as low as you can. For the opposite side, switch legs.

Warrior No. 2

1625278236_887_Try-This-Yoga-Sequence-to-Open-Your-HipsRaise your left knee off the mat and rotate your left foot 90 degrees so that your toes are perpendicular to the mat and the arch of your left foot is in line with the heel of your right foot.

Bend your right knee and extend your arms wide to the front and rear of the mat, ensuring sure the knee does not travel beyond the ankle. Assume you’re attempting to extend your hips to run parallel to the left side of the mat while simultaneously bending your right knee straight over your right foot’s second toe. Rep on the other side.

Pose of the Goddess

1625278237_418_Try-This-Yoga-Sequence-to-Open-Your-HipsStand on your mat with your feet spread wide. Your toes should point out and your heels should point in. Squat down into a squat position. To infuse energy into the legs and hips, pulsate up and down. Hold the squat for a full stretch of the hips.

Pose of a Pigeon

1625278238_22_Try-This-Yoga-Sequence-to-Open-Your-HipsStep the right foot forward from Downward Facing Dog and drop the knee exactly behind the right hand.

Lower yourself to the left leg, bringing your hips as near to the mat as you can. If that’s too uncomfortable, use a yoga block or bolster to support yourself. Stay in this position or fold forward, bringing your arms and head to the mat.

Hold for as long as it feels good, or better yet, as long as it feels somewhat uncomfortable. For many individuals, this position is challenging, but it also provides a huge openness.

Pose with two pigeons or a fire log

Credit: Julia Lee Julia Lee is responsible for this image.

Keep the right leg as is from Pigeon (parallel with the top of the mat). Swing the left leg around to the right and stack it on top of it.

If this isn’t feasible, brace the left knee with a block or blanket. For a deeper stretch, stay upright or forward fold.

Move through this sequence at your own speed, paying careful attention to what your body tells you, as you would in any yoga session. Never work to the point of discomfort; instead, aim for a level of comfort that is reasonable.

In some of these positions, you may feel a lot of sensations, including mild pain, particularly if your hips are tight. Just remember to be patient with yourself and your asana practice and to remain attentive.

Yoga has long been touted for its benefits to the health system. Typically, it is done as a stand-alone form of exercise, but in newer yoga sequences it’s combined with other exercises, too. The idea is that yoga is a great way to stretch, strengthen, and align the body, and to keep all the joints as healthy as possible.. Read more about gentle yoga hip openers and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open your hips for yoga?

You can open your hips by sitting on a chair and placing your feet flat on the ground. Then, you can lean forward and place your hands on the ground in front of you.

Which asana is useful for hip opening?

The best asana for hip opening is the one that feels most comfortable to you.

How do beginners open their hips?

Beginners should start by standing in a wide stance with their feet shoulder-width apart. They should then take a step forward and bend their knees while keeping their back straight. The hips should be opened as much as possible without compromising the natural arch of the spine.

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