How much do you know about your ketone levels? If you are just starting out on the ketogenic diet, you probably do not know this much. An easy way to confirm your ketone level is to purchase a strip, “ketone strips”, that measures the amount of ketone in your urine. However, not all ketone strips are perfect for those who are new to the ketogenic diet.

Thanks to the ketogenic diet, you’ve probably heard a lot about the ketogenic diet, a diet that’s been trending lately. On this diet, you consume high amounts of fat and low amounts of carbohydrates. While it seems like a great diet for weight loss, there are many things you need to know. Let’s see which is the best ketone meter on the market:

Consider the health and fitness information you receive on a daily basis. It’s out there, all around you, in the media, in your friends’ blogs, in the articles and news on the internet, in the messages you get from your phone, in the adverts you see on TV or in the newspapers. There is so much to digest! But did you know that one of the most powerful ways to actually use that knowledge is by keeping a record of your health and fitness information? That’s where we come in.


How simple are these meters to operate? Are some designs superior than others? I’m referring about problems with user experience.

the start of the counter

Each measurement instrument comes fully assembled and ready to use. Before the initial measurement, neither needs any specific calibration. The code on the test strip vial for CareTouch and Keto-Mojo must match the code shown on the meter when the strip is inserted. Each test strip bottle comes with a unique coding strip that must be put into the meter to alter the code if the meter is not showing the proper code. A test strip is also inserted each time the gadget is turned on and configured to measure ketones. The meter will show that it is ready to accept a drop of blood after a few seconds.

The CareTouch meter is simple to use and operates on batteries (included). All meters are powered by batteries, which must be changed on a regular basis.

Setting the time and date is optional, however it is helpful if you want to review previous readings and have them shown with the proper time and date.

Version with the meter

The Keto-Mojo and CareTouch meters are extremely similar. They seem to be made by the same firm, but the brand names are different, resulting in two distinct goods. They are comfortable to hold. The backlit display has big digital numbers that are simple to see. The meter is turned on by pressing just one button, which also scrolls the data in one direction. Both meters feature a lever for withdrawing test strips that may be operated without using your hands. It works, but I’m not convinced it’s really effective.

The meter screen on the Nova Max is smaller and darker, but it is still simple to read. The forward and backward buttons on the front panel make it simple to examine past readings.

You may obtain additional light by pressing a button on the side of the Precision Xtra meter. The digital display is legible and big. This meter also has forward and backward buttons on the front, allowing you to quickly check past readings.

Strip of ketone

The CareTouch and Keto-Mojo ketone test strips are visually identical, and I preferred the strips – they are slightly wider and sturdier, making them easier to insert into the meter. The test strips come in a resealable bottle; after opening, the strips must be used within six months.

The Nova Max strips have a higher sensitivity level. I had to remove and reapply the Nova Max strip in three of the six instances tested before the device was ready to take the blood sample. (Note that I didn’t throw away any cassettes; I just reinserted them.) The test strips come in a resealable container and must be used within three months after opening.

The Precision Xtra strips are thinner, but yet strong enough to be inserted and create the connection required to switch the meter to the ketone test mode (automatically). Individually wrapped Precision Xtra strips are the only ones available. While this packaging may help them remain more accurate for longer, it is also more complex to install and thus takes longer to test. However, if you just require a meter and one or two test strips, the Precision Xtra is more compact than other test strip manufacturers since you don’t need the cylindrical container.


The CareTouch meter’s case is constructed of a semi-rigid black casing. This is my preferred choice since it is more appealing and all of the kit’s components fit together more simply. The additional gauges are packaged in the same black soft box.

Lancets and lancing devices

The same lancing gadget that comes with the CareTouch and Keto-Mojo meters was my preference. It was the most user-friendly and comfortable to hold. Despite this, all of these lancing devices worked; the Precision Xtra proved to be the most difficult to use.


The built-in data features on the CareTouch and Keto-Mojo gadgets are the finest. The average ketone levels (over 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 days) may be shown on both devices, which record 1000 readings. You may buy a tape port cable and software to transfer the meter readings to your computer for an extra cost. (We haven’t tried this function yet.)

Nova Max has a capacity of 400 readings. Blood glucose levels are averaged, but ketone levels are not. It is not possible to export data.

Precision Xtra has a storage capacity of 450 measurements. The average blood glucose level is calculated, but not the ketone level. Data may be exported; management recommends that interested clients contact the helpdesk.

UPDATE: Keto-Mojo now provides a $25 Bluetooth connection with a free bespoke app for simple monitoring.


All of these devices can be used to monitor blood glucose levels. Simply buy the blood glucose test strips intended for your meter to utilize this function. Control solutions may also be used to test each meter (available for an additional charge).


CareTouch and Keto-Mojo have embraced simplicity to their advantage. Here’s how my meters rate for each of the simple properties:

Evaluation of the counter’s ease of use (1 – simplest)

So, you’ve got your brand new keto breathalyser, and you’re about to hit the road. You’ve made the investment in your device, and you want to ensure you are correctly measuring the ketones in the breath you are exhaling. But, which is the best ketone breathalyser for you?. Read more about ketone meter australia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most accurate blood ketone meter?

The most accurate blood ketone meter is the Precision Xtra.

Are ketone meters accurate?

Ketone meters are not accurate. They can be off by up to 20%

What is the most accurate way to measure ketones?

Ketone strips are the most accurate way to measure ketones.

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