A woman from California has been seen performing a handstand a lot lately. This is, presumably, because she is a yoga teacher and she has decided to go viral by posting videos of her incredible feats.

A woman practicing yoga disturbed a family dog in a park in Canada this week. The woman was practicing handstands and found a way to quickly kick her legs up into the air, and then her arms, without touching the ground. In one swift movement, the dog was sent flying into the air, straight into a tree.

“I had a dog in my yoga class. I bought him a cage in order to practice yoga with him. Then I went into my yoga asana and my dog got loose and ran away.”

Chewy, a cute little puppy, is doing his own thing until his owner kicks up into a handstand and inadvertently throws him into the air.

Thankfully, the poor dog is uninjured, but it’s a funny reminder to keep your pets at away while doing yoga at home!

ViralHog on YouTube is the source of this video.

When you think of handstands, you’re probably picturing someone balancing on their fingertips. If you’re picturing this person in a yoga studio, you’re right. But, this particular photo is from a recent video of a woman who was practicing in her back yard. Somehow, she ended up getting upside down, and her dog ended up flying through the air. Thankfully, the dog didn’t appear to be injured. Other than the shocked look on the dog’s face.. Read more about yoga headstand and let us know what you think.

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